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  • Upcoming AGF Conway BJJ Tournament

    Upcoming AGF Conway BJJ Tournament

    Looking forward to AGF BJJ tournament in Conway this weekend. If you're not competing, come support your teammates! ....

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  • Awesome GFTeam summit!

    Awesome GFTeam summit!

    Everyone had a great time at the GFTeam BJJ summit! Learned several progressions and strategies for our guard and guard passing from Brazilian Jiu-jitsu world champions! ....

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  • Great work at Fuji BJJ!

    Great work at Fuji BJJ!

    Congrats to Caden and Hannah for their great work at the Fuji Brazilian Jiu-jitsu tournament! They both did awesome work and racked up gold medals in several divisions! ....

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  • Muay Thai training

    Muay Thai training

    Our team at today’s seminar with Ajarn Chai.5 hours of training with a pioneer of Muay Thai in America! ....

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  • New Gym Location!

    New Gym Location!

    The new gym is awesome! Tons more mat space, so plenty of room for our Kickboxing and BJJ programs! ....

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  • New Blue Belts!

    New Blue Belts!

    Congrats to Taylor, Denver, and Reed for achieving their Blue Belt rank in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu! These three all work hard, and are an amazing asset to the team! ....

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  • Friday Muay Thai kickboxing!

    Friday Muay Thai kickboxing!

    First Friday Muay Thai class on the new schedule! Everybody getting in some work before the weekend, and special guests Felicia and Hector! ....

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  • First week in October

    First week in October

    Working boxing defense in Muay Thai Kickboxing class, mount attacks in BJJ Fundamentals class, and passing/top game attacks in Advanced Brazilian Jiu-jitsu! Great weather for training this week! ....

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  • Bruno Cesar seminar

    Bruno Cesar seminar

    Our friend and talented GFTeam black belt Bruno Cesar will be in town for a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu seminar on Saturday May 26th! Drop by and train with a great competitor and instructor! All gyms and teams welcome. ....

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