Teen Jiu Jitsu in Conway

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Acquire the Skills to Succeed On and Off the Mat with Teen Jiu Jitsu

Teen BJJ 3-4 nights a week and 3 nights of Muay Thai kickboxing.  Our teens do a combination of classes that partner with our youth BJJ/kickboxing classes and our adult kickboxing classes.  This flexible schedule includes 4-5 days a week of training opportunities.  No one is required to train 5 nights a week!  But with busy life schedules, having the flexibility of multiple nights to train can be super helpful when balancing homework, sports, and life!

Teen Jiu Jitsu Is About More Than Competition

Teen Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class gets right into the action by teaching submissions, escapes, take downs, and positional control.  This class is great for self-defense as there is no striking, but don’t let it fool you, these teens are tough as nails and are taught to be active in defending themselves from an attacker!  After your teen has been training for 12 months, they are eligible to join our adult BJJ class on Friday nights 5:30-6:15 PM!  Talk to coach Freeman for details.

In our classes, your teen will learn to:

  • Set goals and commit themselves to achieving them
  • Hone their focus and develop self-control
  • Defend themselves in an emergency or bullying situation

Get Started with Teen Jiu Jitsu Today!

We have an amazing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team!  Winning 1st in American Grappling Federation- Arkansas BJJ tournaments more than any other team in the state!  We travel all over the midsouth to compete.  Competition is not required but encouraged as it’s a great way to gain confidence, learn humility, and foster a healthy competitive mentality.  No extra cost to join our BJJ team!

Interested in learning more?  Register for a trial class and have your teen jump right into the action!  Not quite ready for a group class?  No big deal, register for a private intro lesson with coach Hannah or coach Freeman!  $20 for a 30-minute private lesson with boxing gloves for your teen to keep!  No commitment to join.  No long contracts or belt testing fees, just great martial arts!


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