Kids MMA and BJJ in Conway

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Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Offer The Best Blend Of Jiu Jitsu And Mixed Martial Arts

Youth BJJ 3 nights a week and 1 night of Muay Thai kickboxing.  We have a phenomenal coach/kid ratio, ensuring that your child will get extra attention when learning!  Our youth kickboxing class of punching bag combinations, partner drills, coach led combinations, and games to have fun while learning awesome self-defense techniques. 501 Martial Arts Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class gets right into the action by teaching submissions, escapes, take downs, and positional control.  This class is great for self-defense as there is no striking, but don’t let it fool you, these kids are tough as nails and are taught to be active in defending themselves from an attacker!  

Any Age, Any Skill Set - Our Kids Kickboxing Program Has You Covered

We have an amazing Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team!  Winning 1st in American Grappling Federation- Arkansas BJJ tournaments more than any other team in the state!  We travel all over the Mid-south to compete.  Competition is not required but encouraged as it’s a great way to gain confidence, learn humility, and foster a healthy competitive mentality.  No extra cost to join our BJJ team!

Interested in learning more?  Register for a trial lesson with one of our awesome kid’s coaches!  $20 for a 30-minute private lesson with MMA gloves for your child to keep!  No commitment to join.  No long contracts or belt testing fees, just great martial arts!

Don't Forget: Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Can Impact Every Aspect Of Your Child's Life

We focus a lot of our attention on getting fit and staying active, but the truth is, the benefits of our Kids Martial Arts program goes well beyond just kicks, punches, takedowns, and submissions.

We use the world of martial arts training to teach students important values like self-confidence and respect and we build them up with a progression of challenges that encourage students to set goals and celebrate their achievements.

We're helping students across Conway develop:

  • Perseverance and dedication
  • Respect and discipline
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • An incredible sense of accomplishment

Give Your Child The Best Chance To Thrive With Our Kids Martial Arts Classes In Conway!

Don't miss out our cutting-edge training at 501 Martial Arts. We truly care about every student who walks through our doors and we're committed to helping your child find success from day one.

Just fill out the short form on your screen to learn more about our Kids Martial Arts Classes and everything we have to offer in Conway!

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